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Baby Milestone Plaque Disc Set
Baby Milestone Plaque Disc Set
Baby Milestone Plaque Disc Set
Baby Milestone Plaque Disc Set

Baby Milestone Plaque Disc Set

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These three custom crafted wooden baby milestone discs offers 17 photo opportunities, perfect for capturing the memories of your baby's first day, first weeks, and the many months up to their first year and beyond. An original design by Joni of Wood With Words. 


The first disc is a personalised plaque with your baby's name. This can be ordered individually if you wish. Perfect for families with more than one baby, or for future siblings. 

The second plaque's unique double-sided, raised-letter design offers photo opportunities for baby's 1st week and 1st month. 

The third plaque features an acrylic coloured centre that allows you to write and erase the number of weeks and months. We recommend a dry-erase Liquid Chalk Marker - available to purchase at any good stationery supplies store. 

**Note: The coloured centre is not a chalkboard. We use a quality glossy acrylic centre to give you an easy-to-clean surface you can reuse again and again for years to come. 

Size: 93mm in diameter 

Material: Cherry wood grain; acrylic


A word from your designer:

Hey everyone,

Do you know why I have not released a Baby Milestone Plaque until now? I'd been dreaming. Imagining. Reimagining.

What if we can do more with less? What if it's so amazing to touch and so easy to use?

I'm so pleased to introduce our Baby Milestone Plaque Set. Only 3 pieces in a set, but it offers you a whopping 17 photo opportunities from the day baby is born up until his or her first birthday. And if like me, you tell people your two year old is 32 months old, well, you can use them for even longer.