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Nara Petal Stud Dangle - Wood With Words
Nara Petal Stud Dangle - Wood With Words

Nara Petal Stud Dangle

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4 pairs available

"30,000 cherry blossom trees bloom on Mount Yoshino in Nara prefecture, Japan each year between late March and early April. Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, a trip to Mount Yoshino is a pilgrimage one makes to enjoy and reflect on the transient, breathtaking beauty of cherry blossom flowers. The Nara Petal Stud Dangle is an interpretation of this lived experience.


Size: 16mm pink acrylic stud; 32mm x 35mm wide petal piece; approx. 50mm overall drop

Material: Acrylic; surgical stainless steel studs and clutches


Metallic 'petal' flake placements are organically spread out, making each pair truly unique and different. The metallic flakes can also darken ever so slightly around the cut edges. It is so minimal, but we'd like you to know about it anyway. It is not a scuff, but simply a reaction of the material to laser cutting. It does not affect the overall beauty of the piece.

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