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| The hands and heart behind Wood With Words | Australian-made designs

Hello everyone, I'm Joni and I am the designer behind every pretty little thing you see on this website.

With so many things made 'offshore' these days, you're probably wondering where your items are coming from, and whether it aligns with your values to support us.

Our little family live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I'm a mum to two kidlets - that's me with sweet Miss Z on her first birthday. I have a background in Commerce and Marketing, a weakness for almond mocha, and I love meandering through farmers' and craft markets where you will find me on many a weekend. 

When you make a purchase, you know you're holding something that is made right here in Australia. Together, we can grow a sustainable movement where the local economy is self-sufficient and microbusinesses like ours can flourish to feed back into the community.

For as long as I can remember, I had wanted to lead an authentic, creative life. I have worn several hats over the past two decades  - a language teacher, marketing manager, graphic designer, and an event stylist for 9 years. I'm proud to say that being a mum - my favourite role yet -  is the inspiration behind Wood With Words, a space where we can uplift ourselves and others through the simple act of gift-giving.

Wood With Words is an online store. The collections you view is my showroom. I take extra special care in the photography (which I also do myself) so that you see the quality and detail in the finish.

Thank you once again for dropping by. I look forward to delighting you with my designs.

J xo